Taking art to the streets

Málaga has a variety of wonderful museums for locals and visitors to enjoy, but there’s no need to limit your art experience to enclosed spaces – many artists have taken their talents to the street to be enjoyed by all daily.

Whilst you can find street art all over the city, it’s particularly prevalent in Soho where the association MAUS (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho) have created works of art by some of the biggest street artists in the world.

Soho is currently enjoying a breath of new life. It is just south of the historical centre and set back from the port but for many years has been ignored and fell into disrepair. Buildings are being renovated, and there are many very popular restaurants and cafes in the area.

There are so many pieces to see that a number of companies and individuals offer street art tours, however you can also wander the streets and easily happen on them yourselves – a graffiti treasure hunt! If there is no name plaque on a particular piece then google reverse lens is a useful tool to inform you of the artist, when it was painted and any other information.

Some pieces loom above you such as the large-scale squirrels, rats and badger by the Belgian artist ROA on a building in Calle Casas de Campos, or his chameleon on the same street. Local artist Lalone’s work can be found throughout the city, and often reflects real life in his paintings, although whether or not the octopus reaching its tentacles over a drunk on a bench is metaphorical or not is for you to decide! He has been painting since he was a teen and now has work all over Spain as well as some other European cities.

Sometimes you’ll happen upon a piece and think “hey, I recognise you” such as when you find yourself next to a mural of Antonio Banderas and other Spanish famous figures like Picasso (also a son of Málaga). Antonio is not just painted on a wall here (by Italian artist TVBOY), he has very strong links to Soho after taking over the old Alameda theatre which is now the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank, and his production of A Chorus Line debuted in 2019 to great applause.

So whether you’re visiting Soho for the brewery, a great meal, artisan coffee, museum or the theatre, just don’t forget to look up (and down!) as you walk around, you never know what you might find.

It is a great area to buy in right now and we predict Soho to be a great investment. Whilst there are still many places to be renovated for those interested in making their own mark or property development, there are also readily available reformed properties. As Málaga is reinventing itself as a tech hub for Europe with investment from big names such as Google and Vodafone, BluCee can help you find your dream property in Soho Málaga, contact us today to see how we can help.

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