Cycling route Rincon de la Victoria up to Olias, Malaga.

This 2 hour ride includes one of the iconic local routes of Málaga, the climb to Olias in the Montes de Malaga and wonderful views of the coastline.

From Rincon de la Victoria we follow the coast road N340 towards Málaga through the towns of La Cala del Moral and La Arana. The road follows the curve of the bay and leads us past the marina and into El Candado before we turn inland at Playa Virginia onto the Camino de Olias.
The road begins to climb away from the coast, gently at first, and soon we are above the town. Passing small houses and farms we are quickly reminded how rural this area is away from the coast. Avocado and mango trees give way to wild olive as we climb. Soon we have spectacular views of Pinares de San Anton, the high peak above Malaga to our left and then, as we continue, we turn east to look back towards the sea and Torre del Mar. There are plenty of opportunities for great photos during the climb.
As we arrive at the classic white village of Olias at 420 meters we pass the 16th century church of San Vicente Ferrer and find Bar Juan refreshments and recovery after the climb.
On our return part of the ride we get to enjoy a twisting descent towards the valley and Arroyo Totalan. Heading south we follow the river bed on an undulating course back towards the sea at La Cala where we rejoin the N340 and return to Rincon de la Victoria.

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