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What is a listing agent?
A listing agent markets a property for sale and works for the seller. Sometimes referred to as the seller’s agent.

What is an exclusive contract?
An exclusive contract is an agreement between the listing agent and the property owner (seller), agreeing that the listing agent will be the only agent marketing the property for sale. The nature of this contract is such that should the property be sold outside of this agreement the listing agent will be financially compensated.

Why should I list my property exclusively with BluCee?
BluCee work hard for sellers. As listing specialists, BluCee will market your property to its full potential. Using modern technology, home staging and good quality photographs, video and drone footage (where possible). BluCee take accurate photographs, using the correct lens, we know how to show a property at its best.
Creating new ways to promote and market properties for sale is an art, and BluCee pride themselves on forever changing their approach and ideas.
BluCee do not list hundreds of properties, instead they concentrate on selling the properties on their books. Time is spent proactively marketing these properties. It is more productive for sellers and makes for a better all-round selling experience.
Potential buyers are shown properties which fit their criteria and financial budget. Wasting time is not in anyone’s best interest.
All paperwork is checked to ensure the property is fully legal and can be sold. If the property and/or paperwork is not in order, BluCee and their solicitor will give advice on if and how the paperwork can be obtained and if necessary, how a property can be legalised.
BluCee collaborate with other professional Real Estate agents in Spain and abroad. BluCee work for the seller, always striving to get the best possible price for a property.

Why listing with multiple agents can harm the sale of your property.
Not all agents take the time and care to show your property to its best potential. Badly taken photographs on the same selling platform as a BluCee listing can harm the chances of your home being viewed by buyers. Human nature is such that most people will think the badly taken photos are a true version of the property.
In various countries around the World listing a property with more than one agent is not normal. Buyers assume there must be something wrong with the property and/or the seller is desperate to sell, which can drive the property´s asking price down.
BluCee strive to sell all exclusive properties in a prompt and timely fashion.

Now I know why listing exclusively with BluCee is a positive step in selling my property. But how much will this cost?
An exclusive contract with BluCee included the following services: marketing, promotion, listing, staging, photographs/videos, drone footage where possible, open houses, showings, negotiation, paperwork, legal issues, guidance through the whole selling process and more. Coordination of home inspections, appraisals and BluCee always have your best interests at heart. All paperwork is in English as well as Spanish.
BluCee never charge commission more than 5% plus IVA. For properties over a certain value our exclusive contracts are set at only 4% plus IVA.
We do not agree in high pressure selling, we genuinely love our work and want to do the best for our clients. If you think BluCee is the agency to sell you property, please contact us. We are more than happy to speak over the telephone and when you are happy, we can arrange an appointment to meet in person.

References are available upon request.

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