Skiing in The Sierra Nevada ⛷⛷
The Sierra Nevada is Europe´s most southerly ski resort, on a clear day you can see the coastline of the Costa Tropical and even the mountains in Northern Africa.
If you live in or have a second home in Spain and love ski then I would recommend you apply for a Sierra Nevada ski club card. It is free and you will be able to receive discounts on lift passes, ski hire, parking and on food and drinks in some of the restaurants in the resort and on the slopes.
From time to time they also offer club card holders offers on hotel packages.
The link to the Sierra Nevada Club website is at the bottom of this post.  On the website you will find information on how to apply, it is also in English.
My family and I have had our cards for nearly 10 years now and when we decide to go skiing, we can purchase our lift passes online and our lift passes are automatically loaded before we arrive at the resort.
A few other things which you need to know before you drive there.
  • Keep to the speed limits! Animals graze wild in the mountains, horses, goats, and cows are seen in or crossing the roads daily. 🐎🐂🐐 If you are stuck in slow moving or stationary traffic on your way up or down the mountain this more than like the reason why, so get your camera at the ready. There are also speed cameras on the roads.
  • You must have a set of snow chains in your vehicle, if you do not have them and you are stopped by the police who maybe refused entry to the resort. A few years ago, we were stopped by the Guardia Civil, they were checking every car driving up the mountain, vehicles without chains were refused access. We needed the chains before we enter the resort as the snow was heavy. The following day we had to dig out the cars as the snow fall was deep. Great powder skiing the following days.
  • The sun is very strong, always wear a high factor sun cream, even on cloudy days.
  • Always check the weather on the mountain before you leave home. Sometimes the wind is strong, and the lifts remain closed. I live an hour and 30 minutes’ drive from the slopes, it´s a long way to drive to find out you can not ski. The Sierra Nevada website is particularly good at keeping skiers updated as to closures and potential closures. One year we were staying in the resort for a few days and on the last day the lifts were closed due to high winds. We all applied for and received a refund for our ski passes for the day the lifts were closed.
Season 2020/2021 Covid restructions.
Due to Covid there are restrictions on travelling and the capacity of skiers on the slopes. If you are travelling from a Province other than Granada to ski, you must purchase you lift pass online, if you are stopped by the police, they will ask for your ski pass purchase paperwork.
I am incredibly lucky living in this part of the World. Enjoying a day skiing and the following day enjoy it by drinking a beer or wine by the coast. I always try to remind my friends and family how lucky I am by sharing my photos with them 😘😘
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