Thinking of relocating to Spain?
9 years ago my then 8 year old daughter started School in Spain. Only speak a few words of Spanish, English being her native language. She was excited, nervous but ready for the new adventure.
As parents we sometime project our fears on our children, not deliberately of course. Relocating to another place or country should be a positive experience for everyone.
My husband and I tried our best to help our daughter see the opportunities and positives when we moved to Spain. Chance to make more friends, it doesn’t mean you give up on your old friends. More outside time, better weather was a big part of why we chose Malaga as our new home. More time for family. I used to work in London, erratic hours and sometimes very long days. I didn’t get to spend a much time as I would have liked with my daughter. The relocation to Spain meant more time for us, mummy and daughter time 😊.
This photo came up as a memory on my timeline. It reminded me of my doubts, will my daughter like school, how will she cope with the language, will she enjoy the school dinners 😂?
Thankfully the school were great in welcoming her, this photo was taken by her teacher when she arrived.
The children all knew her name and were really pleased to meet her.
My daughter loved her first day at school and was happily singing in the car on her way to school on the second morning.
Life in Spain for us as a family has been great and it is still. If you have fears about relocating, don’t worry this is normal but don’t let those fears stop you exploring new experiencing.
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